Mission & vision statement

NILEAPI GmbH is a world-class trading company in the fields of animal healthcare and feed. We provide our customers with active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) for use in innovative products and solutions to improve the quality of life of animals.

Our goal is to achieve and maintain a leadership position in our market, doing so by creating sustainable relationships with our customers and employees. Ensuring added value by delivering the best possible customer service. Our company strengthen its position as number one business partner, by being able to provide our customers with any API or feed additive they need.

To this end, our strategy is designed to improve animal healthcare on a global scale, and by doing this exceptionally we also aim to strengthen and sustain the company’s financial health.

Our Services

Feed Additives

We are able to supply our customers with supplements for farm animals whom can’t get enough nutrients out of their daily meals.

Vet Products

We are able to provide you with FDF vet products from any supplier.


Please have a look at our extensive product portfolio to see all of our APIs.

Food Additives

We can provide our customers with substances for food to preserve flavour or enhance its taste and appearance.

Special Chemicals

NILEAPI GmbH is specialized in sourcing and supplying special and rare chemicals.

Sourcing of API’s

Due to years of experience and knowledge of the market, NILEAPI GmbH is the perfect partner for sourcing new API’s.

Business development

Our organization knows that the pharmaceutical market is always evolving. Therefore we are always looking for new opportunities, services and products to add to our portfolio.
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Our Team

Eng.Ayman Allam
Eng.Ayman Allam - General Manager
Mr.Ahmed Emara
Mr.Ahmed Emara - Executive Manager